Become a Grassroots Advocate

If you believe advocating for your patients and your profession is important, then we need your help!

There are many benefits to becoming a Grassroots Advocate! The most important one is that you can have your voice heard and make a difference in influencing policy and laws in Ohio related to mental illness, substance use and/or health care in general!

Review the Grassroots Advocate Form and choose how you want to be involved!

OPPA Members Testifying in Opposition to Psychologists PrescribingWhat Grassroots Advocates Do

In Ohio, there are 132 legislators (99 Representatives and 33 Senators), and each one serves an important role in helping to shape the future of psychiatry and medicine; some more than others, depending upon
their leadership positions and/or the committees they serve on. As a Grassroots Advocate, you will be helping to advance OPPA's advocacy goals and priorities by educating and helping to influence your representatives. You will be giving a personal perspective on how proposed legislation in Ohio will impact Ohioans in your area. The relationship you build with your elected officials could make all the difference between a "yes" vote and a "no" vote!

Grassroots Advocates Responsibilities

  1. Identify contact information for your Representative and Senator - all you need is your zip code!
  2. Begin to develop (or continue to strengthen) a personal relationship with your legislators!
  3. Become familiar with the legislative process for how a bill becomes law in Ohio (just the basics)!
  4. Take action when OPPA contacts you for help with a specific initiative. When you sign up as a Grassroots Advocate, you
    will from time to time receive an e-mail or phone call asking for your help. As a Grassroots Advocate, you are committing to take
    prompt action!
  5. Follow-up with OPPA to let us know the results of the action you took!
  6. Let us know what you are doing locally! We may want to build upon your efforts by sharing ideas with the membership!
  7. Encourage your colleagues to become Grassroots Advocates!
  8. Remember a Grassroots Advocate is always looking for opportunities to address the cause and never gives up!