Fellows & Distinguished Fellows


Why Become an APA Fellow?

Being a Fellow is an honorary designation that was created by the American Psychiatric Association Membership Committee and Board of Trustees to recognize early career members who have demonstrated allegiance to their profession and commitment to the on-going work of the Association.

Most members who pursue Fellow status perceive it as one of the first steps to enhancement of their professional credentials. Fellows are recognized by their colleagues in the Association as a member of a very select group.

Current OPPA members who have achieved Fellow status are permitted to use the FAPA designation on all their professional documentation.

Criteria and Recognition for Fellows

  • Five consecutive years as an APA General Member
  • ABPN, RCPS, or AOA certification
  • Three letters of recommendation from APA Fellows or Distinguished Fellows
  • Concurrence by the OPPA
  • APA Fellowship Information and Application

Members who meet criteria of Fellows will be notified by the APA that they are eligible to apply for the category of Fellow of the APA. All newly appointed Fellows are publicly recognized at the Convocation of Fellows and Distinguished Fellows, which is held every year during the APA's Annual Meeting. In addition, Fellows receive a lapel pin as a symbol of their status and an embossed Fellow certificate to display with pride in their office.

Congratulations 2024
Life Fellows:

Brenda Brady, MD
Bharat Shah, MD

Congratulations 2024

Shivnaveen Bains, MD
Kevin Makino, MD
Pradeep Manudhane, MD
Ujjwal Ramtekkar, MD
Amal Rubai, MD

Congratulations 2023
Life Fellow:

Julie Hartley, MD

Congratulations 2023

Jennifer Brandstetter, MD
Kimberly Kumer, MD
Shishuka Malhotra, MD
Rajesh Mehta, MD
Natosha Onasanya, MD, MPH
Marie Rueve, MD
Sara West, MD

Distinguished Fellows

Why Become an APA Distinguished Fellow?

Distinguished Fellowship is a national honor awarded by the American Psychiatric
Association to psychiatrists who have made and continue to make significant contributions to their profession and the community. Excellence, not mere competence, is the hallmark of a Distinguished Fellow.

Guidelines for Election to Distinguished Fellowship

The General Member or Fellow should be an outstanding psychiatrist who has made
significant contributions in at least five of the areas listed below:

  1. Certification by the ABPN, RCPS, AOA or equivalent certifying body;
  2. Involvement in work of the APA, the District Branch (OPPA), and the Chapter;
  3. Involvement in other components and activities of the APA;
  4. Involvement in other medical and professional organizations;
  5. Participation in non-compensated mental health and medical activities of social significance;
  6. Participation in non-medical, non-income-producing community activities;
  7. Clinical contributions;
  8. Administrative contributions;
  9. Teaching contributions; and
  10. Scientific and scholarly publications.

What are the requirements to be nominated for Distinguished Fellow?

  • Not less than eight consecutive years as a General Member or Fellow of the APA.
  • Certification by the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada, the American Osteopathic Association or equivalent certifying board.
  • Nomination is initiated by your local District Branch (OPPA).
  • Three letters supporting your nomination must be received from current Distinguished Fellows or Distinguished Life Fellows.

Nominations for Distinguished Fellow are made by the OPPA Membership Committee. Members should contact OPPA to determine the deadline for submitting all documentation (original nomination form, original letters of support).

At least three letters of support must be from current Distinguished Fellows or Distinguished Life Fellows of the APA. However, letters from other individuals (other members or non-psychiatrists) are strongly encouraged. Letters should amplify and delineate the quality of each activity reported on the nomination form. Each person asked to comment on a nominee should have a copy of the Guidelines for Election to Distinguished Fellowship.

Nominations must be submitted on the Nomination Form provided. All information should be documented within the respective sections (i.e., expand the form to accommodate written information). Curriculum vitae in lieu of, or as supplements to, completed nomination forms are not acceptable.

To be nominated for Distinguished Fellow status, contact the OPPA office at oppa@oppa.org or 614-763-0040.

Congratulations 2024
Distinguished Fellows:

Samar McCutcheon, MD
Michael Schottenstein, MD
Megan Testa, MD


Congratulations 2023
Distinguished Fellows:

Victoria Kelly, MD
Kevin Reeves, MD
Suzanne Sampang, MD


Congratulations 2022
Distinguished Fellows:

Christopher Kovell, DO
Eileen Ryan, DO
Brooke Wolf, MD


Congratulations 2021
Distinguished Fellows:

Bryan Cairns, MD
Melissa Del Bello, MD
Mary McCafferty, MD
Julie Teater, MD