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SMBO Statement on Handling Sexual Misconduct Complaints

The State Medical Board of Ohio takes allegations of licensee misconduct seriously, especially when it involves sexual misconduct.

Since 2019 the board has prioritized understanding sexual misconduct complaints and has put in place measures to protect Ohio residents from licensees who engage in sexual misconduct or commit crimes of a sexual nature. We’ve dedicated resources, staffed key positions such as a victim coordinator and specialized investigators, strengthened policies and procedures, implemented new training, and reinforced the duty to report statute that requires physicians to report misconduct to the board. To learn more about how the board handles sexual misconduct complaints, take time to review our Fact Sheet.

Protecting the public is our mission and primary purpose. We understand the sensitive nature of sexual misconduct complaints and that victims of abuse often have difficulty coming forward. Through a confidential investigation and the assistance of a victim coordinator, victims can be assured of their ability to share their story and help the board take action against bad providers. To file a complaint with the Medical Board visit or call our confidential hotline 1-833-333-SMBO (7626).

Please click here to watch a video statement from the State Medical Board of Ohio.

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