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House passes measure to limit power of Health Department Director

Earlier this week, Ohio Republicans passed a bill that would limit the powers of the state's health director as a result of the executive orders put into place to protect Ohioans from the coronavirus pandemic. The legislation would allow orders from ODH Director, Amy Acton, MD, to last a maximum of 14 days, unless members of the legislature approve an extension.

Fifty-eight lawmakers voted to approve the bill, falling short of the supermajority needed to override a potential veto from DeWine. Two Republicans voted against the measure, and no Democrat supported it.

The bill moves back to the Senate where lawmakers may or may not pass the measure. If the measure does pass the Senate, Governor Mike DeWine has already indicated he will veto the bill.

OPPA is drafting a letter in support of Dr. Action and Governor DeWine in their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ohio.

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