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Impacts of Addiction on Children, Youth and Families

The Health Policy Institute of Ohio (HPIO) has released the latest tool from its Addiction Evidence Project, an online evidence resource page on the impact of addiction on children, youth, and families. The resource page includes expert guidance and evidence-informed programs to ease the impact of the addiction crisis on young people and their families, including resources that address the foster care system, kinship caregiving, and prenatal drug exposure.

While progress is being made across the country and in Ohio, more can be done to identify and implement effective strategies to address the addiction epidemic. A key component of the Addiction Evidence Project, HPIO evidence resource pages bring together the best evidence on how to combat addiction and serve as the foundational resource for stakeholders engaged in this work.

Ohio Academy of Family Physicians Executive Vice President Ann Spicer serves on the Addiction Evidence Project Advisory Group.

HPIO has previously released evidence resource pages on:


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