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Coalition for Healthy Communities (CHC)

Advocating for Quality Mental Health and Substance Addiction Services

The OPPA is one of more than 30 member organizations of the Coalition for Healthy Communities that includes agencies, provider groups and organizations that advocate for, or provide direct services for, Ohioans with mental illness. Annually, more than 250,000 Ohioans with mental illness and 80,000 Ohioans with addiction disorders need our services. Thousands more are on waiting lists or do not receive services at all. The CHC reminds lawmakers that Ohioans from all walks of life need mental health and addiction services. This includes Ohio National Guard troops, military personnel who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and their families. It includes people in urban and rural settings, children, adults and senior citizens, families and workers who find themselves laid off and without employment.  More . . .

Representative:  Janet Shaw, MBA, Executive Director

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