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Coalition for Patient Rights (CPR)

MISSION: To improve timely access to quality and appropriate health care treatment and medication for the optimal well-being of all Ohioans.

The Ohio Coalition for Patient Rights (CPR) is a group of citizens and organizations concerned that Ohioans, regardless of income or diagnosis, have access to quality and appropriate health care treatment and medication.  The current system of health care often throws up roadblocks that impede people with chronic health conditions from getting necessary care in a timely manner. People who have low incomes have an extremely difficult time getting the range of services they need when they are needed, and obtaining the medications necessary to get well and stay well.

The Coalition for Patient Rights has determined that its first priority will be to initiate a campaign to gather input and create an Ohio Patient Bill of Rights that will protect Ohio citizens as they seek quality and appropriate health care treatment and medication, regardless of individual health or economic circumstances.  The Patient Bill of Rights is a significant undertaking and in line with national health care reform efforts.

Moving forward, CPR will work to expand membership in the Coalition for greater reach and impact on issues. Possible future initiatives identified by the Coalition include behavioral health and physical health integration, developing awareness of community health resources, focusing on a patient-centered health care home, access to services under managed care, and a data study to determine if parity is working.

Letter to Director McCarthy on Medicaid Managed Care

Minutes of June 20, 2012

OPPA Representative: Janet Shaw

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