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Youth in Crisis: Suicide Rates Trend Up for Black Youth

This month's OACBHA's, Developing a Better Understanding

In response to the December 2021 U.S. Surgeon General's advisory, drawing the nation’s attention to youth mental health, the Ohio Association of Country Behavioral Health Authorities issued its newest Developing a Better Understanding: Youth in Crisis - Suicide Rates and Trend Up for Black Youth. Between 2009 to 2019, the proportion of high school students reporting persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness increased by 40%, with an increase of 36% for those who seriously considered attempting suicide, and a 44% increase of those who created a plan for suicide.

With suicide being a major public health concern among all groups, it has become a growing problem among Black youth. A 2018 study found that Black children between the ages of five and 12 are about twice as likely to die by suicide as white children of the same age. 

This month's one-pager outlines the concerning trends related to suicide among Black youth and steps to take to support youth mental health. 

The one-pager is available here.  

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