Medical Student Mentorship "Consider Psychiatry"

In recent years, the number of medical students choosing to specialize in psychiatry has declined. OPPF has initiated efforts to encourage medical students to consider a residency in psychiatry. OPPF's goal is to provide quality enriched activities for medical students, allowing them to gain greater exposure to psychiatry and offering them an opportunity to meet and network with practicing psychiatrists

You can help achieve this goal by paying the meeting registration fee for a medical student to attend OPPA’s Annual Psychiatric Update. Your support can be accomplished in one of two ways: 1) If you have a particular student you wish to sponsor, simply complete the registration form, making sure to include the student information, and fax to (614) 481-7559; or 2) If you do not have a particular student in mind, we will pair you up with a medical student who has indicated an interest in attending if there is a sponsorship available - you may register online or fax the registration form to our office. 

This year's medical student sponsorship program covers only basic costs for program materials, breakfast, and lunch. If you would like to learn how you can turn your support of a medical student into a tax-deductible contribution please call our office at (614) 763-0040! Click here for other giving options.



OPPF encourages scholarly work in Ohio by presenting annual research awards/recognition in three separate categories: General OPPA Members, Resident-Fellow OPPA Members and Medical Students.

Now Accepting Entries for work completed in 2020!

Entries are currently being accepted for the Research Awards! We encourage you to participate! Click on the link below for submission guidelines. The deadline is Dec. 31, 2020.

      OPPF Research Award Criteria 2020-2021

Congratulations to this year's Research Award Recipients for outstanding work completed in 2019!

 General Member Category

 Winner: Molly McVoy, MD

 Resident-Fellow Member Category

 Winner: Ted Akiki, MD            Runner-up: Vivek Rachamallu, MD

 Medical Student Category

 Winner: Sandra Zoubovsky                  Runner-up: Matthew Phillips

Our congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups, and our compliments to all those who submitted an entry to the OPPF Research Awards Competition.


The Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Foundation (OPPF) is pleased to announce the Enlightenment Awards program. The award recognizes outstanding activities, presentations or publications during 2019 which enhance the public's access to treatment and/or enhances the public's understanding of mental disorders or decreases the stigma often associated with mental illness.

Nominees can include an individual, organization, government entity, media (newspaper, radio or TV station or internet based communication) or a form of art.

Nominations are currently being accepted. Click HERE for the criteria and nomination form. Nominations can also be made ONLINE.

Congratulations to this year's Enlightenment Award recipient


for its outstanding contributions in 2019 that enhanced the public’s understanding of and decreased the stigma associated with mental illness.

LifeAct is a non-profit organization based in Cleveland that has been serving Ohio’s communitites by providing programming on mental health awareness and suicide prevention for 28 years. LifeAct’s team of professional trained instructors visit high school and middle school classrooms to engage students, changing school culture by decreasing stigma surrounding mental illness and providing students with lifesaving tools to recognize the warning signs of depression and suicide in themselves and their peers and to seek professional help.

To learn more about LifeAct visit

None at this time.