Public Education

The Foundation encourages and sponsors educational programs to increase awareness and knowledge of mental disorders and effective treatments available today. This may include efforts aimed at employers, the media, persons with a mental disorder and their families, to encourage a better understanding of the disorders and their treatment. The Foundation may also support efforts to remove barriers to access to psychiatric care.

Current projects include:


While adolescence is a difficult time for many teens, there is a difference between "typical" and "troubled" behavior - mental health problems in teens are real, painful and, left untreated, can have serious consequences. The American Psychiatric Foundation, recognizing the important role adults can have in a teen's life, has an initiative to encourage and equip adults (such as parents and teachers) who closely interact with teens to notice the warning signs of mental health problems and refer teens to help in addressing these issues. That is why the OPPF is doing everything it can to promote and expand this excellent program in Ohio! For information on implementing this program in your school, please see the APF grant application process.


The Partnership for Workplace Mental Health, a program of the American Psychiatric Foundation, advances effective employer approaches to mental health by combining the knowledge and experience of the American Psychiatric Association and its employer partners. That is why the OPPF is doing everything it can to promote and make this excellent program available to employers in Ohio! 

The partnership delivers educational materials and provides a forum to explore mental health issues and share innovative solutions. It promotes the business case for quality mental health care, including early recognition, access to care and effective treatment.

For more information, visit the partnership's website at: