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Board of Pharmacy rules cannabis byproducts can’t be sold in Ohio stores


Source: Health Policy Institute of Ohio


The Ohio Board of Pharmacy said, in a ruling posted on its website this week, that products that contain cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical found in cannabis plants, are not legal in Ohio (Source: “Ohio Pharmacy Board: No cannabis products can be sold in stores,” Canton Repository, Aug. 31, 2018).

On the shelves of stores throughout Ohio are whole hemp sections with products that contain CBD, such as hemp honey, CBD oils and skin creams. In Ohio, now that medical marijuana is legal, nothing extracted or clipped from a cannabis plant can be bought, sold or owned unless it comes from one of the 56 licensed dispensaries spread throughout the state.

All cannabis products also have to comply with other rules handed down by the legislation that legalized medical marijuana. That means any product derived from cannabis must have a “known source” and show the quantities of active ingredients. The products must also be tested by a state-approved lab.

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