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The MIND (Mental Illness - No Discrimination) Movement

The MIND (Mental Illness - No Discrimination) Movement is a collaboration of Ohio agencies, organizations, and individuals joining together in the fight to end the discrimination surrounding mental illness. We all share this common goal, but until now, there hasn't been one common message and place for sharing anti-stigma/anti-discrimination resources.

If you or your organization is interested in joining the MIND Movement, you will be provided information about and invited to join in MIND Movement anti-discrimination activities. You can be listed on the website as a partner, added to the Stigma-Buster Alerts listserv, and given MIND Movement marketing and educational materials to share. 

MIND Movement Overview, Mission & Vision


Discrimination or fear of discrimination against individuals with mental often causes shame, despair, and hopelessness and can negatively influence a person’s decision to seek treatment. Lack of treatment can result in hospitalization, loss of employment, court involvement, homelessness or worse, death. To correct this wrong, a broad based, multi-level approach is needed to change attitudes and behaviors around mental illnesses and eliminate discrimination. 

To ensure that all individuals living with mental illness are free from discrimination and actively seek treatment, wellness and recovery.


We envision a future where mental illness is viewed as any other illness and discrimination against people with mental illness is a distant memory.


Will you help end the discrimination around mental illness and join the MIND Movement today? 

Visit the website for more information or contact MIND Movement Co-Chairs:
Katie Dillon, NAMI Ohio:
Maggie Hallett, MHAFC:


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